My research projects

Manuscripts under review:

  • Demirel, & Acikgoz, “An Examination of Consumers’ Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions of a Sponsoring Brand and the Moderating Role of Social Identification”, Marketing Letters.

Research in progress:

  • Demirel, Fink, & McDonald, “Cheering for the Underdog: How can small-scale events use the concept of an underdog brand biography”, to be submitted to Journal of Consumer Psychology.
  • Demirel, & Fink, “An examination of the antecedents and outcomes of celebrity brand authenticity”, to be submitted to Journal of Advertising.
  • Demirel, Fink, & Milne, “The Use of Brand Concept Maps and Network Analysis to Examine Brand Association Networks”, to be submitted to Journal of Marketing [Essay 1 of my dissertation].
  • Demirel, Fink, & Milne, “Conceptualization and Operationalization of Brand Image Cohesiveness”, to be submitted to Journal of Marketing Research [Essay 2 of my dissertation].
  • Demirel, “An investigation of the Birth of the Sports Marketing Industry Using a Social Network Analysis Approach”, to be submitted to Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
  • Demirel, “Narrative Transportation and Brand Image”, to be submitted to Journal of Consumer Research.

This pdf document presents abstracts of my research projects:

Abstracts of my research projects_ABDULLAHDEMIREL